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Risk Management | 3 hours

Tuesday, Sept. 20  | 9a-12p CDT
This course offers an in-depth look at the obligations of all parties in a real estate transaction. We will cover the RECAD requirements identified in Alabama License Law, as well as the legal significance of working with buyers and sellers. Upon completion of this course, the agent will be well versed in presenting property to the consumer, completing the Offer to Purchase form and presenting it to Seller. Finally, we detail the steps taken once the offer has been accepted including broker responsibilities and keeping records.

Credit Scoring | 3 hours

Wednesday, Sept. 21  | 9a-12p CDT
Every agent should know how to properly read a credit report. This course will identify the differences and similarities between the three credit reporting agencies to know what is included and excluded in a free credit report. We will also review how to spot errors on a credit report and who to contact to get those errors corrected. Finally, we will investigate the truth behind many credit myths agents and borrowers have such as, “why all debt is not treated equal” and “closing old accounts will help my credit score.”

Property Management | 3 hours

Wednesday, Sept. 21 | 1230p - 330p CDT
This course will review the roles of both a residential and a commercial property manager and the differences between them. We will review the best practices in tenant relations to improve the agent’s leasing success. Finally, this course will expand on the importance of the property manager’s responsibility to account for funds received and disbursed in the transaction.

Using RPR | 3 hours

Thursday, Sept. 22 | 9a -12 p CDT
This is an in-depth analysis of the data provided by REALTORS® Property Resource (RPR), the nation’s largest property database, exclusively for REALTORS®. We will review several features within RPR including Comp Analysis, Searching Distressed Properties, Mapping Tools, Market Activity Reports, Neighborhood Reports, Investor Tools, Valuing Home Improvements and more. This course will illustrate the importance of using RPR in your business so that you can differentiate yourself from the competition and provide knowledge to your clients.

Let's Talk Flood | 3 hours

Thursday, Sept. 22 | 1230p - 330p CDT
Learn actionable techniques and best practices on how to protect your buyers in purchasing a previously flooded home. This session will explore how flooding and flood insurance plays a role in the value of a property while also covering the important features of the NFIP policy. Finally, we will discuss tips every agent needs to know on listing and promoting previously flooded homes.

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