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Working with Senior Clients  | 2 hrs

Wednesday, July 13 | 9a-11a
This course will help you to identify issues and factors that influence older adult’s decisions to buy or sell a home. Learn how household composition impacts things such as retirement plans and living arrangements to better serve clients in this stage of life. Finally, we will review the various tax issues that may impact clients over 50 years of age.

Follow the Money | 2 hrs

Wednesday, July 13 | 11a - 1p
In today’s busy world it is easy to get caught up in the minutiae or the latest and greatest gadget. In this course we go back to the basics to recenter you and your business by discussing the fundamental factors that affect your business, buyers/sellers and the market.

Code of Ethics | 3 hrs

Wednesday, July 27 | 9a-12p
This course meets the standards for the 2022 NAR® Code of Ethics Requirement – Cycle Seven. This course will review the history of the Code of Ethics as it relates to its origins, its influence on state licensing laws and its establishment of arbitration as the monetary dispute resolution process between REALTORS®. Finally, we will apply the REALTOR® Code of Ethics Articles to everyday real estate practices.

Talk Nerdy to Me | 3 hrs

Wednesday, July 27 | 1230p - 330p
This course explores theories behind why the market reacts the way it does and why buyers and sellers make certain decisions. The agent will gain knowledge of how the rise and fall of interest rates can cause a drastic effect on home prices as well as home demand. This course will explore the tragedy of the commons in determining whether a decision is in the best interest of a single person or for the entire community. Finally, we will suggest strategies to help clients reach an agreement with their counterpart in a negotiation.

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