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Code of Ethics - 3 hours

Monday, June 19 | 9a - 12p
This course meets the standards for the 2023 NAR® Code of Ethics Requirement – Cycle Seven. This course will review the history of the Code of Ethics as it relates to its origins, its influence on state licensing laws and its establishment of arbitration as the monetary dispute resolution process between REALTORS®. Finally, we will apply the REALTOR® Code of Ethics Articles to everyday real estate practices.

Let's Talk Flood - 3 hours

Monday, June 19 | 12:30p-3:30p
Learn actionable techniques and best practices on how to protect your buyers in purchasing a previously flooded home. This session will explore how flooding and flood insurance plays a role in the value of a property while also covering the important features of the NFIP policy. Finally, we will discuss tips every agent needs to know on listing and promoting previously flooded homes.

Estate Planning+Taxes - 3 hours

Wednesday, June 21 | 9a-12p
Learn more about financial decisions that may influence your client’s decision to buy or sell a home. This course will explore the many ways retirement plans can impact housing choices for older adults. We will review how the transfer of property works through a will, probate, or succession. Finally, you will learn how to manage potential legal liabilities and avoid conflicts of interest in your real estate transactions.

Everything Insurance - 2 hours

Wednesday, June 21 | 12:30p-3:30p
This course will identify the most common errors and omissions claims filed against real estate agents and ways to avoid these mistakes. We will review the benefits, and protections for the agent, of a broad liability umbrella policy. Furthermore, we will distinguish between what accidents and perils are covered and not covered in various policies.

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