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To become a licensed real estate agent in the state of Mississippi, it is required that you take a course called Mississippi Real Estate Salesperson Pre-licensing. This course is 60 hours. It is made up of reading material uploaded straight from our book, video presentations featuring the instructor, and quizzes to help you retain the information. The cost of the course is $189.00.

This course is entirely go-at-your-own pace. It is not time-logged. You may log out and log back in 24/7 at any computer or tablet, and it will always pick back up right where you left off. At the end of the course, there is a final exam. You may take this as many times as you need. Once passed, we will issue you a certificate. This certificate will include further instructions on scheduling your licensing exam.

After you receive your certificate, you will have access to our Ready. Set. Pass! Program which includes state and national exam simulations. These simulations contain similar questions to the ones you will be seeing on your licensing exam.

You will take the state and national exams together at a state facility nearest you. The exams are held all year round at several locations all over Mississippi. There are a handful of fees required by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission before sitting for the exams. It will cost around $100. Once you pass both the state and national exams, you will earn your Real Estate license.

The course comes with a 90-day subscription period. If you require further course access after your subscription expires, we offer 30 additional days of course access for a $25.00 reactivation fee.