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How Online CE Courses Benefit Today’s Real Estate Professionals

McKenzie Jacobs
December 21, 2020

Few people understand the value of time better than today’s real estate professionals. Agents must follow a tight schedule to keep their clients happy, and that’s in addition to managing the constant demands of everyday life. But, with The Lancaster Institute’s CE courses, real estate professionals in Tennessee can attend from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. 

Our courses give you the tools you need to improve and grow your business. And The Lancaster Institute’s On-Live™ online educational experience provides you with a virtual classroom where lessons are streamed live directly to your device. Find out how The Lancaster Institute’s innovative approach to continued real estate education can make the difference for today’s professionals.

How On-Live™ Technology Enhances Your Educational Experience

We all understand the hassle that can come with attending courses in standard, brick and mortar classrooms. Sometimes parking spaces can be scarce. Other times an appointment may run late, which means rushing to your class to arrive on time. But with On-Live™ courses, the problems of in-person classes are things of the past.

With The Lancaster Institute’s On-Live™ technology, all you need is an internet connection and a cellphone, computer, or tablet. Whether you want to learn from your office, the comfort of your home, or a more convenient location, you determine where you will attend your CE courses. We provide you with options that let you learn the way you want to.

And all of our courses are approved by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission for CE credit. So you can rest assured that, wherever you are, you will be receiving a quality education from The Lancaster Institute.

Your instructor, Brent Lancaster, has 17 years of online real estate teaching experience. Courses are taught live from The Lancaster Institute’s in-studio classroom. And you can attend digitally without the need for a webcam, so you can take your courses in comfort. 

Each course is designed to cover the topics that are most relevant to today’s real estate professionals. And when you need help, The Lancaster institute is ready to assist you. We provide technical support to our students before, during, and after classes. 

Our online courses also let you determine what you want to learn. You can purchase your courses separately or choose our 10-hour elective package at a discounted rate. We want you to create the learning schedule that will fit your needs best.

Seeking Online Real Estate CE Courses in Tennessee? We’re Here for You

Since 2003, Brent Lancaster has remained committed to educating real estate professionals and helping them grow their businesses. This is why The Lancaster Institute offers online courses that give real estate professionals the courses they need to continue their education with the convenience of modern technology. 

If you are a real estate professional in Tennessee pursuing CE courses, let us help you. Visit our contact page or give us a call at 225-292-7277 to learn more about the courses we provide. The next step in your professional journey starts today.