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What Are Your Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements?

Hannah Bray
September 8, 2020

Don’t let this year distract you from your real estate continuing education. Deadlines may have been pushed in some states but your requirements are still due. As an online real estate continuing education school, we can help you meet your requirements in states like Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, and more. Find out more about The Lancaster Institute and enroll in your LIVE online CE classes today.

What Do I Need To Do In My State?

Each state has different requirements regulated by the state real estate commission. Read below for current requirements for your state. 

Alabama Real Estate Continuing Education  

Alabama agents can look forward to 15 hours of CE courses every two years. Typically, these hours are due on September 30th of each even year. However, due to Covid-19, the 2020 requirements have been extended to December 31, 2020. Of the 15 required hours, nine can be commission-approved electives. The other six include two separate Risk Management courses. Check out website for upcoming LIVE online classes in Alabama. 

Tennessee Real Estate Continuing Education

Tennessee agents are expected to complete 16 hours of necessary education every two years. Your due date is based upon your initial licensing date. The Tennessee Real Estate Commission requires six of these hours to be from the mandatory topic and the other 10 to be electives. Visit our website to see what LIVE online real estate CE courses TLI has coming up in Tennessee. 

Texas Real Estate Continuing Education 

In Texas, real estate agents are required to fulfill 18 hours of CE courses. This includes eight hours of Legal Updates and 10 hours of electives. Additionally, if you’re a supervisor for six months or more, you need a six-hour Broker Responsibility course as a part of your 18 hours. Continuing education requirements are due every two years by the end of the month in which the agent was initially licensed. For more information and a list of available LIVE online classes in Texas, please visit The Lancaster Institute.

Fulfill Your Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements With Lancaster

When you're fulfilling your real estate continuing education requirements, you need help from professionals who can get you the right education. Don't settle for less—choose The Lancaster Institute. With years of experience in the real estate world, we have the information you need to complete your requirements conveniently and better your business. Enroll in your courses today! 

Do you have any questions regarding our LIVE online courses? Or want more information about the requirements for your state? Feel free to send us a message. Our staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.